Saturday, August 1, 2009

Mahara (e.Portfolio)

I have to say that setting up my Mahara e.Portfolio website has proven to be the most challenging (frustrating) task so far. I created my account using NetSpot, paid my $5, changed my password and thought 'how easy is this'. Yeah right! I could not get in to my Mahara site and envisaged having to pay another $5 with the same unsatisfactory outcome. While I still don't actually know what I did wrong, thankfully I am now able to log in and I have modified the layout and colour scheme and added some friends to my list.

Mahara is a digital portfolio that provides the user with blogs, a resume builder, a file manager and a view creator (CTER, 2009). It allows you to create folders and sub folders to upload files (images, video, audio and documents) quickly and efficiently, resulting in portfolios and project pages with rich multimedia content (CTER, 2009). An ePortfolio is basically an extension of the paper based portfolio and comprises a collection of personal reflections and digital artefacts that can be accessed from anywhere that has Internet access (Mahara, 2009). For $5 a year this information is safely stored in a central server.

Within the classroom the the use of Mahara can be easily managed by the Learning Manager and enables online communities (groups) to be formed based on shared interests, research or study. During units of work, ePortfolios provide a place that learners can access services, store work, demonstrate their learning and development of new skills, and record their achievements
(Mahara, 2009). Through active involvement in their learning students gain a better understanding of how they are progressing and, due to the meaningful nature, are more motivated to learn.

Mahara is an eLearning tool that is learner-centered but also promotes interaction within group contexts. With a focus on learning that is creative, meaningful and authentic I believe it is consistent with the ideas expressed by Kearsley and Shneiderman's (1999) Engagement Theory. This theory highlights the important role that technology-based environments have in regards to 'human interaction and evolution' (Kearsley & Schneiderman, 1999).

From a pedagogical perspective Mahara can be used effectively to facilitate social networking and reflective learning, and provide challenging and authentic tasks.

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  1. Hi Nari,

    I have found Mahara a little frustrating so far, and so for this reason have decided not to comment on my own blog until I have had a chance to really explore and understand its capabilities.

    Everyone seems to think it is a great piece of technology (and no doubt it is), however I have not realised its full potential yet.


  2. Hello Nari and Kellie,

    I have heard a lot of students have been struggling with setting up their Mahara account, so don't feel alone Nari.

    Luckily for me the process was relatively easy. However, Kellie i agree with you that i am still finding it a little confusing so i am not able to post a comment at this stage. I am looking forward to exploring its capabilities as there are many positive attitudes towards the program.

    Until next time,

  3. Hi Kerri and Kellie,

    Don't worry if you're feeling a little confused with Mahara, I'm still feeling the same way to some point. I suppose our second assessment item is where we will fully begin to understand its full potential. I still have to upload some of my work and create a 'view' but have a basic understanding from the readings on Moodle.

    I feel so rushed with all the new things that I have been learning so far in this course, I'm just working my way through the list and trying to do my best. I guess that's all that we can do.


  4. Hi Nari,
    I had the exact same problem with my Mahara account. It seemed it was set up but then was pretending it didn't know me when I tried to log in and I too thought I was up for another $5 but it somehow I was able to log in but very time and happy thoughts consuming.