Monday, August 17, 2009

File Storage (MediaFire)

Wow, after the last eLearning tool that I explored this one seemed like a breeze. I went to MediaFire and created my account, uploaded a file and saved it, and then just posted the URL into my blog. Simple.

MediaFire is a free file hosting site that allows you to securely store files online where they can be easily accessed 'from any computer, anytime, anywhere' (MediaFire, 2009). This is an extremely useful tool that could be utilised by both teachers and students and would eliminate
that horrible feeling that you have when you realise you've left your USB at home. You can create folders and sub folders so that files and images can be easily managed and security settings can be used to make files public or private. With the embedding links, files and images can be shared by 'email, instant messenger, or on your MySpace page, blog or forum' (MediaFire, 2009).

Within the school environment this site could be used by members of the teaching cohort to share resources pertaining to units of work or by the Learning Manager to upload classroom work. Students could access these files from school or home however internet safety issues would need to be considered. While the Internet provides a powerful resource for learning and research, there are also many risks. NetAlert offers some useful information for teachers and parents and is committed to providing a safe online environment for children.

The file that I have uploaded to my account, Ladybug Maths Bingo, has been used in my grade 1 class and I feel would be a valuable resource.

MediaFile. (2009). What is MediaFire. Retrieved August 17, 2009, from


  1. Hi Nari,
    I likewise found MediaFire a great tool for storing files. I had previously just begun using GoogleDocs, but they have limited storage space. MediaFire allows a significantly greater amount of stoage, and how great it is to have all your tech resources avalable anywhere, anytime! No more USBs...

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Yeah, I love this site too. The ease of use and accessibility from anywhere that has an internet connection makes it a valuable tool. My little sister, a digital native, was interested to hear about it also.

  3. Hi Andrew and Nari,

    I agree it is a wonderful site and so easy to use! It's basically just the click of a button and it's done. Even the registration is easy! And as you say Andrew, no more USBs and therefore no lost work! I remember completing an assignment last year and I lost the whole thing the night before it was due! Now this is no more.