Saturday, July 25, 2009

In the future..........

Well after feeling quite apprehensive about this course I am finding that by immersing myself more in the content and becoming familiar with the different processes it is all becoming much easier. As someone that is part of Generation X I have always felt a little behind (and jealous of) those technologically savvy individuals that form Generation Y. Learning Management is the way forward for teaching in the future and as such Learning Managers need to possess futures oriented capabilities (Smith, Lynch & Knight, 2007).

In the future the use of pencil and paper, text books and blackboards with the teacher delivering the content will be replaced with ICT's such as internet, email, SMS and multi-modal delivery methods (Smith, Lynch & Knight, 2007). For me, this means updating and continuing to update my knowledge and skills in the rapidly changing world of technology. E-learning.........bring it on!

Smith, R., Lynch, D., & Knight, B. (2007). Learning management: Transitioning teachers for national and international change. Frenchs Forest, NSW, Australia: Pearson.


  1. Hi Nari,

    You are not the only one who is a tiny bit jealous of those technology savvy people in today's society. I don't think we do to bad considering we were left at the gates. It might take us a while to catch up, but we are on the right track, and I am sure this E-Learning course will be a major contributor.

    I am not afraid to let my future students help and guide me through some of the technological rough patches. Today I bought a new computer and was surprised that after a little research I actually knew more than some of the sales people.

    Talk soon,


  2. Hello Nari and Kellie,

    Oh i so agree with you both about the little pang of jealousy. However, we have the world at our fingertips and the resources are becoming readily available for us to use to increase our knowledge base.

    It really is is such an exciting journey and i am looking forward to implementing some of this new technology into my classroom.

    Talk soon,

  3. Hi Kerri and Kellie

    I have to admit that I am feeling quite pleased with myself and my accomplishments over the last couple of weeks. You should be too!

    One of the major differences between ourselves and the learners of today is that they have no fear of this new technology. Each day it becomes less daunting and I can't wait to engage my learners with this newly acquired knowledge.

    Talk soon,