Sunday, July 19, 2009

Better late than never!

After a week of wondering what to do I have finally taken the plunge and created my first ever blog. The initial concept was quite daunting, however I am sure that as with most things, practice makes perfect (or close enough). It has been great reading the other blogs people have created and comforting to know that I am not the only one who feels overwhelmed at the prospect of venturing into the unknown.

I am normally a very private person and find the concept of putting myself on view to others as something that is not in my nature, but here goes.......
I have lived and worked in Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory and last year had my first overseas trip to Bali. In my last job before commencing this degree I worked for three years on a 22 metre fishing vessel that operated out of Darwin and progressed to the position of 'mate' (second in charge) during this time. I was extremely lucky to see some of the remote parts of Australia that most people will never see, such as the Kimberly and Arnhem Land.

Part of my duties on board the fishing vessel involved familiarity and operation of modern day electronic technology (GPS, VMS, echo sounders, sonar, radar, HF, VHF and UHF radios). I found the use of this equipment quite easy as it was job specific and feel sure that with time and persistence I will be able to manage the concept of e-learning, which is obviously going to be the way of teaching in the future.

I look forward to following my fellow students on their journeys.


  1. Hi there Nari,
    Congratulations, you did it and it looks fantastic. See if we just put our mind to things we can achieve what we assume to be 'the impossible'!

    It is such a wonderful thing that we can learn this new technology and work together as a team along the way. I am really looking forward to seeing the outcomes at the other end.

    Talk soon,
    : ) Kerri.

  2. Hi Nari,
    Welcome to blogging. I too have found this daunting as I am very, very private but hopefully we will all be able to share some good ideas and learn together.

  3.'ve got music...very cool. Can I put in a request? Something by Fleetwood Mac, Idigo girls, REM. Nice job on the Blog Nari...looking forward to the E-Learning Journey.
    Regards, Glenn

  4. Hi guys
    Thanks for your words of encouragement. This new world of e-learning certainly opens up many avenues and allows us to communicate in ways that we might not have thought possible. Keep up the good work. Glenn I've posted an entry on how I put the iPod on my blog, you might like to have a go yourself (and yes there are plenty of Fleetwood Mac songs).
    Talk soon,