Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blogs (Web Logs)

Wow, how cool is blogging! This new advancement in communication technologies provides a central place for users to connect and communicate and I am beginning to comprehend the opportunities that are available to us as future learning managers. Within the classroom blogs can be used to post resources (pictures, reading activities), lessons and set homework around a particular theme that the learning manager has developed. Not only does it provide a platform to support and enhance student learning through collaborative tasks, but it can provide parents and other members of the teaching cohort with access to valuable information.

Blogging as a communication tool has grown to become quite popular with 21st Century Learners. Prensky (2001) refers to these people as 'Digital Natives' as computers, email, internet, mobile phones and SMS are an integral part of their lives.
As a result today's learners think and process information differently from previous generations (Prensky, 2001) and in order to effectively engage them in authentic and meaningful tasks learning managers need to be able to speak their language.

As I see it Managing E-Learning is a course that has been designed to introduce us to these new technology-based teaching and learning tools through active engagement and self-directed learning. Constructing new meaning through our experiences and environment is consistent with constructivist theories such as Vygotsky, however we have been introduced to a new conceptual framework known as the 'Engagement Theory' (Kearsley & Shneiderman, 1999) which has a technology-based focus. This theory comprises three components Relate-Create-Donate and aims to facilitate student learning within the classroom by engaging them through the use of ICT's.

Blogs provide students with a creative writing space where they can post journals, share ideas and co-develop thoughts, and would be a valuable tool for any classroom.

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